Broadband Content Bits: Web Drama Investment, PPL Video Store, Telefonica To Charge?

Web drama: How much money is there in original web drama video commissions? Broadcasters and sites spent £4 million on the shows last year, according to Content Economics Research – a total of £30 million across Europe and the U.S., rising to £90 million by 2012. But U.S. budgets per series are higher.

PPL Video Store: Websites, broadcasters and others who want to show music videos legally can now download them from royalty collector PPL. It’s launched PPL Video Store, a “one-stop-shop” that offers broadcast-quality MPEGs over Akamedia’s backbone. PPL didn’t give us rates for using the videos, which contain copyrighted music as well as visuals.

Telefonica: Another shot fired across the water between ISPs and online aggregators… Cesar Alierta, the CEO of O2-owner Telefonica (NYSE: TEF), says that he wants to charge search engines like Google (NSDQ: GOOG), Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) and Bing for the use of its network. No immediate news on when such a plan might get implemented, though. The comments were made during a press conference in Bilbao, and you can watch the video here. (Via