Virtualization Is the Trojan Horse to Take the iPad Beyond Apple’s OS


Citrix’s quiet announcement that its Receiver software will allow Apple iPad users to run Windows 7 sessions via virtualization has caused some to suggest that the iPad may have much promise as a business tool. But why stop at Windows? The iPad will reach beyond Apple’s iPhone OS and Windows. Read more ?



I’m more interested in home networks, for which VNC products like Jaadu and Mocha VNC look very interesting. These control your mac (or pc or linux box) and allow you to run anything they can run: the iPad becomes a smart display, the sort of thing Microsoft tried, and failed spectacularly at, with its ‘Mira’ platform (2002-2003).

Set up an old mac on your network and use the iPad as a go-anywhere window onto it, at home or anywhere you can log onto the net.

Cold Water

Again, there are netbooks to serve this purpose equally well. Better, actually, for business.

Kiosks? Maybe…

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