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Roku Adds Channels, Third-Party Remote Apps

Roku added two new channels to its content mix: MHz Networks, which provides international and educational content to select cable and satellite packages, and the Highway Girl, which features a collection of interviews and live performances with indie musicians.

MHz Networks and the Highway Girl will be added to a growing list of content providers that have developed channels for the broadband set-top box. Roku launched its channel store in November, introducing new content from, MediaFly, Facebook, and more. The player now has 17 official channels available for all users.

In addition, Roku announced new ways in which users can interact with its broadband set-top box, through mobile apps created by third-party developers. For Android mobile phone users, developer Gregg Reno built a new app that copies the same look and feel of the Roku player remote onto their mobile device.

For the iPhone or iPod Touch, there are two apps that allow users to control the Roku player from their mobile device. The first, the DVPRemote app, provides the same basic functionality as the Roku remote control, while also adding features like bringing up a QWERTY keyboard when searching for titles. The i.TV app also offers a remote control that works with the Roku player, but it provides a number of features on top of that, such as enabling users to control their Netflix queues or remotely scheduling their TiVo DVRs.

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6 Responses to “Roku Adds Channels, Third-Party Remote Apps”

  1. Boxee is looking better

    I like my Roku, but I’m really unimpressed with these news channels. MHz is promising, but the most recent newscast I see is from 6 days ago. I think Roku needs to add some mainstream sites soon, such as YouTube (which is available on other gadgets), or it’s going to lose whatever marketshare it has to the Boxee Box, which is going to offer you pretty much the Internet Web, and is better looking, besides. (Seriously, there’s no comparing Pandora on Boxee with Pandora on the Roku.)