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Quickoffice Adds DropBox, Google Docs support

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I’ve written about my love affair with Quickoffice before, but there’s always been one issues I’ve had with it: the only cloud storage service it supported was MobileMe’s iDisk. I’ve come close to plunking down the money for MobileMe a few times, but because Dropbox works for me, I’ve been hesitant.

Quickoffice just announced its new iPhone app Quickoffice Connect which now lets you access and edit files on, Dropbox, Google Docs and Apple MobileMe. It’s available for an introductory price of $9.99, but it showed as a free upgrade for my existing Quickoffice application.

In my very brief testing, it has worked as advertised. I was able to connect to my Dropbox account, browse all the files and open a Word doc and edit it. The usual disclaimers apply: the formatting is still rough (the document I tested with has extensive formatting and fonts not available on the iPhone, so the results were a little rough), and editing documents on a small screen can be a dicey proposition.

It’s this type of functionality I think will make QuickOffice much more valuable to business users on the iPad than the iWork suite — assuming Quickoffice will be coming out with an iPad version; I’m betting they will.

14 Responses to “Quickoffice Adds DropBox, Google Docs support”

  1. Had the same “failed processing request” error, as well as being unable to upload a changed file. I raised a call with quickoffice, and they suggested changing google docs settings | Editing to not use “new version of google documents”.

    Fixed the problem for me and I can now download, edit and save changed docs back to google

  2. Just downloaded Quickoffice for Android to my new HTC Evo, however I am unable to access any of my word documents from Google® Docs. I keep getting an error message that says “failed processing request”. Any ideas?

  3. quandmeme

    Maybe I was a little too gun-ho on docs. Google has locked my account due to suspicious activity. Shows access by an IP address in Decatur Texas. Unless it is coincidence, presumably it is just the quickoffice servers pulling the docs. Hopefully google will figure out it is authorized as I have no way to tell them.

  4. quandmeme

    to belabor the point, only $10, to try, but its the principle:

    Other apps claiming google docs support copy the file and then push back another copy. Spawning multiple copies defeats the genius of shared docs for me. I have to either create a new share arrangement or (what I do actually) is just copy the changes to the original and delete the spawn.

    Does it _really_ access all of my google docs?!

    • Mark Crump

      Not sure if this is going to answer the question.
      – I added my Google Docs account
      – I accessed a file (it said downloading the file)
      – I added a line of text.
      – Saved it.
      – Refreshed Google Docs.
      I only had one version. I didn’t test out what would happen if i made a change to the cloud version and then saved it.

    • quandmeme

      Outstanding. Thanks for the quick response. I does everything I need: keeps googledocs file structure intact, finds (edits) files shared to me.

      The ability to pull docs from my personal and organizational accounts is icing.

  5. Can you edit files on Google Docs or just access them?
    From iTunes it says “Remotely Access Files via Cloud Storage Services (, Dropbox, Google Docs and MobileMe)”
    If you can edit them that would be awesome!