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Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300: Portable Duplex Scanner

The road warrior is often confronted with leaving gear at home in order to keep the gear bag as light as possible. It can be a struggle to bring some gadgets along because they are too big and heavy to lug around on trips. Fujitsu understands that dilemma and has released a portable scanner that can come along for the ride with minimal fuss. The ScanSnap S1300 is not the first scanner to shrink in size but it may be the most versatile of all portable scanners that came before.

The ScanSnap S1300 is as small as can be while adding a multisheet feeder and full color duplex scanner to the mix. That’s right, this little scanner can scan both sides of a document with one pass, a rarity for a portable device. It uses a USB connection and works out of the box with both Windows and Mac computers. It is AC-powered, but can be operated with just the USB connection when an outlet isn’t handy.

Fujitsu includes utilities with the ScanSnap to handle most needs with ease:

  • ScanSnap Organizer 4.1 (PC): Offers PC users a convenient way to store, manage and view PDF and JPEG files as well as perform post-scan editing, keyword entry and searchable PDF conversion.
  • CardMinder 4.1 (PC): Provides PC users a fast way to capture both sides of a business card, extract the information automatically and export it to Outlook, Excel, Act! and other contact management software.
  • Scan to Functions (PC): Offers PC users an easy way to scan to a folder, attach scans to an email, send scans to a printer, or scan to Microsoft (s msft) SharePoint for ad-hoc efficiency.
  • ScanSnap Manager (Mac and PC): Provides Mac (s aapl) and PC users one-button searchable PDF creation, access to intelligent features and custom scan settings (profiles) for simple operation with sophisticated results.
  • Scan to Functions (Mac): Offers Mac users a flexible way to manage their PDF, searchable PDF and JPEG files. Users can save content to a folder, a network folder, iPhoto and even directly to their iDisk account.
  • Cardiris 3.6 (Mac): Provides Mac users a convenient way to scan their business cards and export the contact information directly to Address Book or Entourage.

The ScanSnap can help the road warrior who is trying to maintain a paperless mobile office by capturing received documents on the fly to digital form. It weighs slightly over three pounds, lighter than most netbooks on the road. The MSRP is $295.

8 Responses to “Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300: Portable Duplex Scanner”

  1. Scoopster

    Have used the S300, S510 and the new S1500. Love these Fujistu products. No, the S300 / S1300 may not be the smallest or most portable, but the S300 works really well, as do the desktop size models (which actually aren’t large at all). You couldn’t really ask for a better or more easier user experience. Very reliable truly one-touch scanning.

    The ScanSnap software is dirt simple to use and can easily be set to automatically do OCR on the documents you scan, immediately or as a background task. It automatically ignores (deletes from your PDF file) the blank pages and auto-rotates the pages when you have mixed portrait/landscape text or when you feed the pages upside down.

    Another piece of included software manages business card scans.

    For multi-lingual users, the OCR can read a variety of languages, including Asian languages.

    Downside of the earlier generation was that they forced you buy different models for Mac or PC use. If what James says is correct, that this new 1300 model will work with both PC and Mac straight out of the box, then this is nice step forward.

    Hope this helps a bit.

  2. James, whilst Fujitsu does some great scanners indeed such as the Fujitsu Scansnap S510 for example, i am however quite surprised you have chosen this particular model as one of choice for road warriors to which i have to strongly disagree with you. In fact, in this line on mobile scanners, the Canon P-150 is a much better option as it is slimmer and can deliver excellent scanning capabilities. Equally good are the mobile scanners such as the Iriscan Executive or Visioneer. Even then, if one was after extreme portability, the Docupen is an excellent choice. As a road warrior myself, whenever i am travelling, i am able to turn my hotel room into a mobile office because i use a Canon P-100 printer and the Canon P-150. In my bag when i am visiting my clients, i use a Pentaxtech printer which is now under the Brother brand and i use as scanner, the iriscan executive. And to also mention, portable wireless router and dongle and my very trusty Sony Vaio TZ31.

    • This is give and take situation. In my search I found the smaller portable units the slower the performance and lack of features. This scanner is portable and will scan duplex, comes with decent software. Making this an idea solution for true road warrior that does “real” scanning on the go.

  3. Sam Denby

    This feels a little bit lazy. How could you help your readers more? Well, how does this compare to predecessor products or to competition? Is there any reason to upgrade?
    Repeating the press release does not hack it.

  4. Benjamin Ries

    If you don’t need cross-platform compatibility, the earlier S300 (for PC) and S300M (for Mac) models have almost all the same specs. The S300 is on NewEgg/Amazon for $240.