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The Bannen Way Hits 8.4M Streams Since its Crackle Debut

Great production value, a cinematic style and leggy brunettes in short skirts go a long way in the online video world, and Sony (s SNE)/Crackle’s The Bannen Way has been taking those elements to the limit over the last six weeks.

From its early debut on Dec. 29 to its official Jan. 6 premiere to today, the web series has racked up over 8.4 million streams, surpassing Angel of Death‘s already impressive 4.7 million views and making it the site’s fastest-growing web series to date.

An episode-by-episode breakdown of that 8.4 million unfortunately wasn’t available, but it’s an impressive achievement for the destination site. Because the notable thing about those numbers is that Bannen Way‘s star power (always an easy getter of views) pales in comparison to Angel of Death, which starred Quentin Tarantino muse Zoe Bell and was written by Eisner-winning comic book writer Ed Brubaker. Michael Ironside, no matter how great he was in Starship Troopers, simply can’t compete with that. Bannen Way‘s triumph might be down to the show’s strong positive buzz, or the continued steady increase in web video audience.

The Bannen Way‘s 16-episode run concluded at the end of January, and the series will go offline when the series becomes available for sale on DVD. It’s currently for sale as a 1-Click download on Amazon (s amzn) VOD. Amazon customers will be also able to rent it starting Feb. 22.

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  1. See:


    NewTeeVee later reported that the source of the view count was Crackle itself and that it was not able to independently verify the count. It is a bit comical that Crackle is now quoting NewTeeVee which was originally quoting Crackle. Do you really call this journalism.

    Come on Sony. Open up the books and let us all independently verify the numbers and not just quote a news source that quotes your very own press release!!!!!!

  2. These are important numbers to have verified. I think we all hope they are real but the reality is that there are signs that the actual active viewer count could have been much lower. Sony needs to step forward and provide full analytics including the autoplay count and the amount of video viewed by each viewer. Only then can we simply accept these numbers as reality and celebrate.

    In the mean time perhaps the article should make it clear that these numbers are based on unsubstantiated numbers provided by Crackle and that they have not been independently verified.

    So, Sony, what do you have to say for yourself?

  3. To clarify the article, the 8.4M came from a release from Crackle. Confirming these sorts of numbers is complicated, and as mentioned I did try to get an episode-by-episode breakdown from more than one source. I’m also still pursuing more information regarding the Mashable chart. So please stay tuned.

  4. the mashable chart is the only one I have seen that is close to reliable so far for webseries. its possible bannen way wasn’t on their tracking radar though.

    As for the 8.4 million #, I assume it represents reality, but what exactly it MEANS? who knows.

    there is an autoplay issue here – anybody who ends up on the bannen way page at crackle gets episode 1 on autoplay. thus we should expect that episode 1 has a good portion of those 8.4 million streams.

    second, there are very few tweets made about “bannen way” that aren’t from folks in the webseries world. if 500,000 have watched the whole series, i would think you’d be seeing much more social media buzz. as a test, i searched to see how often people are tweeting about “nurse jackie” a Showtime channel series that is currently off the air (its only run for one season of 12 episodes and returns in mid-March 2010) – its been tweeted about 50 times in the last 8 hours.

  5. Traffic Analysis

    Several independent traffic sites are reporting’s traffic at around 1.2 million unique visitors for December 09. (Jan numbers have not been released yet)

    Back in March/April 09 (release of Angel of Death and only 10 episodes vs Bannen’s 16), Crackle was averaging about 2.6 million uniques.

    It’s safe to assume that overall traffic for Crackle would be considerably stronger in Jan 2010 vs Dec 2009.

    A lot of variables here, but if you were to assume that the uniques jumped up to 4 million, and 1/2 of the visits went to watch Bannen, and they each averaged 4 episodes of viewing, that would would equal 8 million views.