Tablet PC Team Blog Shuts Down

Tablet PC Team Dissolves

There has been a lot of talk lately about the Microsoft Tablet PC and that fruity pad thing. The banter has rekindled the regret I’ve felt over the years due to the lack of public support for the Tablet from the folks who created it. The fact that Microsoft never made a big marketing push to show the world what the platform could uniquely do has long been fodder for long-winded discussions at Tablet PC enthusiast sites.

When Microsoft rolled the Tablet PC bits into Windows Vista it was clear the end of the Tablet PC as a unique product line was near. Tablet talk became Windows feature talk, and the technology became just a small part of the entire Windows landscape. Then Windows 7 rolled out and Tablet became more of a touch thing, instead of a pen thing. This made it clear to me that the end was near, and something I ran across today on the Microsoft Tablet PC team blog drove that belief home.

The assimilation of the one major unique technology from Microsoft into the bowels of the OS is complete. RIP.


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