All About the Nokia N900 — a Roundtable Podcast


Although I’ve focused on my Google Nexus One (s goog) for the past month, I have been swapping my SIM card into the evaluation Nokia N900 handset time and again. The device shows off a solid smartphone foundation for Nokia and I’m excited to see what Maemo 6 will bring in the second half of 2010. The browsing experience is outstanding, regardless of whether I use the native MicroB browser or the new Firefox Mobile client. I tend to stick with the native browser mainly because I see better performance and I can live without the extensibility of Firefox. Nokia also offers stellar contact integration with both VoIP and chat services in the N900 — other platforms could learn a thing or two here. But these are just my thoughts — other folks have excellent opinions of the N900 experience too.

Yesterday, I got to hear some of those opinions — as well as offer my own — in a roundtable podcast devoted solely to the Nokia N900. Jose Ortiz astutely moderated the TDL Mobile Show that hosted both myself and Lisa Gade. Lisa is a driving force behind a site I’ve followed for years — MobileTechReview. If you’re not already reading or subscribing via RSS, I think you’re missing out. Even if you’re not up to adding another site to your daily reading, I’d still check out Lisa’s detailed review of the Nokia N900 from mid-December.

In the roundtable, Jose, Lisa and I provide thoughts central to what anyone considering the N900 might want to know. From the out-of-box experience, to Maemo 5 as a platform to the pros and cons of the hardware, we hit it all during our discussion. I enjoyed the opportunity to participate in the podcast, and I hope you give it a listen to get varying viewpoints on Nokia’s latest and greatest smartphone.

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John in Norway

I’m going to give this a listen. I like the N900 but until it has native support for Office it’s a no go for me.

Kevin C. Tofel

John, I know you raise the native support for Office quite often and I don’t doubt your need for it. But I do have a question: why do you think that Nokia — and other handset makers / platforms — aren’t offering it on handhelds?

John in Norway

Because they like to p**s me off, Kevin!!! :)
Seriously, Nokia do include it on their E-series (Quickoffice, Officesuite), Winmo have Office Mobile (very poor implementation admittedly) plus 3rd party progs, fortunately. Don’t know about the other OS’s as I haven’t used them. I can’t be the only one who needs this requirement, can I? I use Quickoffice every day, many times a day. I couldn’t conceive of buying a device where I couldn’t do this.

Jose R. Ortiz

I’m fairly certain DataViz provided office support for the N900 at launch. I haven’t used it but judging from their RoadSync app which I’ve used extensively, the application is likely pretty good. Worth checking out at least.



Great insights on the N900 and Nokia’s future. What kills me is why we cannot buy any phone we choose and use it on any network, after paying for the privilege of course. I want the N900 but cannot leave AT&T. Any chance Nokia will come out with a N900 that is AT&T 3g compatible?

Kevin C. Tofel

Thanks Lee. Here in the U.S., I wish we had the exact situation you describe. Our next opportunity for that is when we go 4G, but I doubt it will be a total free choice situation. I also don’t see Nokia creating an N900 with AT&T 3G frequencies, but that’s simply a guess on my part. If there were going to do that, I think they already would have. Instead, there’s talk of a Maemo 6 device planned for the second half of 2010. That’s probably the next, best chance for AT&T support.


hi there,
wanted to know that if this device is sim free?
i mean unlocked

Kevin C. Tofel

Yup, this is sold unlocked and ready for your own SIM. Check the frequencies though — here in the U.S. it works on AT&T or T-Mobile for voice, but data is different. It supports 3G on T-Mobile and EDGE on AT&T.

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