Zagat Books A Table With Foursquare; Restaurant Maven Reaches For Mobile App’s Cool Factor

Location-based social net Foursquare is on a roll when it comes to netting high-profile media partnerships. The latest is restaurant reviews guide Zagat, the NYT reports. By hooking up with Foursquare, Zagat may be hoping to bid up its own cool cache. The reviews site’s image suffered a bit among media industry observers when it failed to find a buyer who would meet its for-sale price. The timing of this partnership comes right on the heels of deals of Foursquare’s deals with NBC Universal’s Bravo and Canadian commuter daily Metro.

The arrangement resembles the one Foursquare struck with Metro last month. Under that deal, Metro users recommend “tips” to other Foursquare users. With Zagat, users will also provide content to Foursquare, as opposed to just getting assigned a marketer’s branded “badge” when a user checks into a spot that’s marked by one of its media partners.

The Foursquare/Zagat feed serves as a platform for users to share recommendations of menu items with other members. Foursquare has been hitting stratospheric levels of hype the past several months, but the flurry of media arrangements it has struck in recent weeks and upcoming deals that are still in the works have made even the most cynical observers consider that there may actually be a serious business model at work here. The collaboration with Zagat could help Foursquare refine its business model and challenge directory sites like Yelp, whose reviews and recommendations app is also fairly popular.

Zagat is also bringing another content idea to Foursquare’s table. The restaurant reviews aggregator is creating a