Yahoo To Close Yahoo Tech Vertical

Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) is closing yet another one of its properties down: The company is pulling Yahoo Tech, the consumer-focused tech site it launched four years ago. In a note posted on the site (via Business Insider), Yahoo says the site will close down on March 11. Visitors will instead be redirected to the Yahoo News tech section, which until now has been basically straight up tech news (almost all from the wire services). A Yahoo spokeswoman says that the blogs and product reviews on Yahoo Tech will move over to the Yahoo News tech section.

This is the latest in a long list of properties Yahoo has shut down over the last year, including GeoCities, Jumpcut and Farechase. A Yahoo spokeswoman says that the company decided no longer to maintain a standalone tech site because it is “increasing investment in some areas while scaling back in others” as part of its effort “to build products and services that deliver the best possible experiences for consumers.”