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Celebrity Site iFollo Gets $1 Million

iFollo, a site that lets members share stories about their run-ins with celebrities, has raised $1 million in a funding round from real estate investor Robert Trump, who is also a backer of game publisher ZeniMax Media. On iFollo, anybody can post an anecdote about meeting a celebrity and rate them (A sample entry from today: a member describes Blink 182 as the “biggest Jerks EVER!” because of an interview he or she did with the band once on the radio).

iFollo pitches itself as a counter to other celebrity fan sites, which it contends “provide little value, because they are primarily discussion boards and unstructured blogs, many of which have repetitive content.”

But iFollo — which launched late last year — so far doesn’t seem to have much content or a very active community. So far today, only four experiences have been posted; they’ve been viewed a cumulative 27 times. Here’s the release.

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