HTC’s Incredible Evolution of Nexus One for Verizon


We all know that Google’s Nexus One isn’t hitting Verizon Wireless until this spring. Wouldn’t it be incredible if a comparable Android handset — if not, perhaps a better one — offered Verizon customers another option? The evidence on PocketNow seems to support that theory and shows what I think you’ll see quite often this year: more handsets stepping up to the newest ARM processors.

The HTC Incredible takes several styling cues from the Nexus One, which shouldn’t surprise since HTC builds both models. It allegedly runs a Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU, and based on a brief video demonstration, I think that’s a safe bet.

The user interface is no less fluid on the Incredible than on my Nexus One, as shown here. Note that this video spends more time looking at the floor than the phone, but it’s the best I’ve found so far. Also, if the video won’t play here, just click it to see it directly on Photobucket — just be prepared to evaluate that flooring. ;)

Android 2.1 is seen on the phone, but fans of the Sense UI will be happy because the Incredible is running Sense. The custom interface adds an intuitive skin on top of Android, from the home screen to navigation to the notification icons.

Other differences from the Nexus One reportedly include two LED flashes near the camera sensor, half the RAM at 256 MB and what appears to be an optical pointer in lieu of the trackball. And although the camera lens sticks out on the Incredible, just like on the Nexus One, HTC modified the back cover to handle the protrusion differently. It even looks like the external speaker grill is bigger as a result, so hands-free calls could potentially be louder.

Since the Sense interface rides on top of Android, I wouldn’t expect Google to be selling this phone directly, like they do with the Nexus One. In fact, I’d anticipate that HTC has added more than just the Sense UI — it wouldn’t surprise me to see full support for Microsoft Exchange features with the Incredible.

So how about it Verizon Wireless customers? Based on the limited information, does this phone look more “incredible” to you than the Nexus One that’s coming soon?


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