HTC’s Incredible Evolution of Nexus One for Verizon


We all know that Google’s Nexus One (s goog) isn’t hitting Verizon Wireless until this spring. Wouldn’t it be incredible if a comparable Android handset — if not, perhaps a better one — offered Verizon (s vz) customers another option? The evidence on PocketNow seems to support that theory and shows what I think you’ll see quite often this year: more handsets stepping up to the newest ARM processors.

The HTC Incredible takes several styling cues from the Nexus One, which shouldn’t surprise since HTC builds both models. It allegedly runs a Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU (s qcom), and based on a brief video demonstration, I think that’s a safe bet.

The user interface is no less fluid on the Incredible than on my Nexus One, as shown here. Note that this video spends more time looking at the floor than the phone, but it’s the best I’ve found so far. Also, if the video won’t play here, just click it to see it directly on Photobucket — just be prepared to evaluate that flooring. ;)

Android 2.1 is seen on the phone, but fans of the Sense UI will be happy because the Incredible is running Sense. The custom interface adds an intuitive skin on top of Android, from the home screen to navigation to the notification icons.

Other differences from the Nexus One reportedly include two LED flashes near the camera sensor, half the RAM at 256 MB and what appears to be an optical pointer in lieu of the trackball. And although the camera lens sticks out on the Incredible, just like on the Nexus One, HTC modified the back cover to handle the protrusion differently. It even looks like the external speaker grill is bigger as a result, so hands-free calls could potentially be louder.

Since the Sense interface rides on top of Android, I wouldn’t expect Google to be selling this phone directly, like they do with the Nexus One. In fact, I’d anticipate that HTC has added more than just the Sense UI — it wouldn’t surprise me to see full support for Microsoft Exchange features with the Incredible.

So how about it Verizon Wireless customers? Based on the limited information, does this phone look more “incredible” to you than the Nexus One that’s coming soon?

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LG Ally

Now if they could just get off their ass and manufacture enough of these bloody phones. I ordered my Incredible May 10 online and am still waiting very (im)patiently for any kind shipping notification. Since day one, the status says it will ship in 2 to 3 business days..haha. I you want to talk bush league, their handling of this launch is far more laughable than the quality of the video!

I bet their new LG Ally will be out to the masses before I get my Incredible. I may even change to that as I need a phone right now!


Looking forward to the HTC Droid Incredible to replace my motorola droid, had a good run with the moto droid but the battery life just unbearable, it’s very short and gets really hot at times, the phone crashes often. It’s probably one of the heaviest phones out there to date. One good thing about it is the QWERTY Keyboard which i don’t use often. Anyways, I want to get the Incredible as soon as Verizon releases, which I heard from that it’s coming out April 29th, can’t wait.


Seems like HTC/Google/Verizon/(AT&T)are like very restrictive parents (like Steve Jobs) who have all the treats in the closet but dole them out one at a time over a period of weeks. “No Tommy, you can’t have raisins AND a cookie this week!” the technology is all there. No one wants to put it all together and sell it in one package.

We’re still messing with 256 mB of RAM? How complicated in the days of 64 GIG memory stick drives is it to add another 256 mB of RAM???!!! And that back cover…well, it’s got to be a prototype by the imbecile at the ID department.
And YES, WE WANT NATIVE EXCHANGE SUPPORT! Is that unbelievable based on the numbers of business Exchange users out here? I’m supposed to have a $600 phone with over $100/month plan and not get good sync to my work email and calendar?!
OK, enough griping…the plus side: good to see the 1gHz Snapdragons starting to make their way into the world. The display looks good and divX codecs are good too! All of the above plus GoogleMaps and I’m sold. I don’t care if they call it Incredible, Fan-Fing-Tastical, Testical, Astrigal, Splork or Driffengsldter…I’ll buy it, Verizon. Serve it up!


gripe gripe gripe
gripe gripe gripe
OK, i’ll confess this is awesome and I’ll buy one!!


What would make this better than the Nexus One other than an extra LED for the camera’s flash? It sounds like some UI tweaks and only half of the RAM of the Nexus One…

Forgive me if that sounds like a stupid question.

@Gadgety, what are you talking about? The Nexus One supports BlueTooth, so doesn’t it support headsets inherently?

Ziyad Dadabhoy

I am still not convinced to get an Android phone. After i saw the HTC HD2 with Sense UI running on top of winmo 6.5 and the Nokia n900 running Maemo and the mock up shots of Symbian^3 and Symbian^4, Android just doesnt cut it. Android phones keep making design flaws: hideous back, wasted space, little RAM, weak processors. Even the N1, the flagship Google Phoe, was a disappointment to many mainly because Android 2.1 wasn’t that huge. It added some UI improvements and that is it. I am waiting for winmo 7, Maemo 6, Symbian^3, and Symbian^4.


I agree with ‘TomoGuki’ 100%. This is a nice enough phone, but what did they do to the back? As a graphic artist I can’t imagine why they would choose this as the final design. And yes again, they wasted so much space toward the bottom of the phone. Give me the HTC Supersonic please. Sleek, slim, Sense UI, 4.3″ screen.


It’s all bells and whistles, fancy interface, high speed but howcome none of these advanced android phones can handle basic voice dialing through a BT headset?


I wish they hadn’t halved the RAM though. Still waiting for an Android version that has native support for Microsoft Exchange. I still don’t know how they expected to make the Android hot corporate phones without this support. (I understand that they are trying to market their own apps and enterprise server). Its not like there are no choices for phones except droids!


better looking than the N1, but the back is stupid. theres still too much wasted space at the bottom, they could have made the phone alot smaller.

the N1 & Incredible still pale in comparison to the 4.3″ HTC SuperSonic about to hit Sprint.


the space near the bottom of phone is to accomodate one-handed use, leaving room for the thumb to come up from underneath.

not difficult to experiment with. Just turn around any phone and try to touch the “bottom” of screen with your thumb. It takes more work. You have to push the entire phone out onto your fingers, which leaves your grasp tenuous at best.

But i forgot, you did call them “stupid”, and that must make you really smart. Where’s the phone you made?

T Man

Absolutely, this is the very handset I’ve been waiting for. Actually, I really wanted the HD2 on Verizon running Android, but this will work fine.


If there was a league below bush league, that video would be voted MVP.

Seriously, this does look like a really nice phone. So this phone and the nexus one are coming to Verizon? I don’t see much that the nexus one offers that this doesn’t. I say the more options the better though.

Kevin C. Tofel

I almost didn’t link or embed the video because of the very reason you said. ;)

I think folks missed the original news that the Nexus One is coming to Verizon. On the official handset launch day, Google’s press release stated it would be offered for both Verizon and Vodafone soon and the order page has shown Spring of 2010 since the site went live.

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