Fas-Fax: Mags’ Newsstand Decline Started To Slow By End Of ’09


Magazines’ newsstand sales were a mix of good and bad during the latter half of ’09, as Audit Bureau of Circulations’ Fas-Fax (sub. req.) for magazines report. In its survey of 472 mags, publishers said that newsstand sales dropped 11 percent in h209, flat compared to the 11.1 percent during the same period the year before. Although things may not have worsened at the newsstand, paid circ slipped 1.12 percent. During the second half of ’08, paid circ grew a slight .53 percent. The ABC’s Fas-Fax report does not break out online subscriptions, although it does include those amounts as part of the full results. Together, total paid and verified circ was down 2.23 percent.

Amid the sea of declines, there were some mags that found themselves on the positive side of the newsstand for the last half of the year. Conde Nast’s Vanity Fair was up 5.12 percent and Time (NYSE: TWX) Inc.’s Real Simple did even better, rising 6.16 percent. But among the major titles, the negatives outweighed the gains. Hearst Magazines’ Good Housekeeping tumbled 30.75 percent during the period, while Time Magazine dropped 34.9 percent.

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