Super Bowl 2010 Highlights For the Web Video World

Some of the lessons learned from the commercials during Super Bowl 2010: Beer solves lots of problems, women hold men back from their dreams and this year, pants are optional. But there were also some highlights for the web video world.

Flo TV pushed their mobile TV viewing device to hen-pecked men dragged out who miss football games because they’ve been dragged out to go shopping, but they also got behind’s My Generation remix.

Google (s GOOG) had a relatively clever ad in the second half pushing their search ability but, um, did anyone need to be told that Google is a good search destination? Was this the manifestation of some crazy Bing paranoia?

There were also two homages to the Dramatic Chipmunk — Carmax replicating the original video twice in 30 seconds (though with different animals):

And Vizio brought in the rodent as well as a bunch of other viral stars (including Tay Zonday and “the Numa Numa guy”) to push their web-connected TV.

As for commercial hosting — the ads weren’t even findable on (to be fair, they were also talking a lot about this football game that was also going on today). And while Spike TV was definitely the game leader when it came to getting the ads online, Hulu’s clever voting interface should probably give them a long-term advantage.