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How Mel Gibson Can Help Your Content Strategy

I saw Mel Gibson on a talk show last night. He was there to promote a new action flick he has coming out, and the host asked him about his “Three E” approach to movie making. He responded that there are three things he tries to achieve with his movies: first entertain, then educate, and then, if possible, elevate.

I instantly thought these were admirable objectives to shoot for in almost any kind of communication, though the order of priority would vary depending on the type of communication and its purpose. It may seem like I’m stating the obvious, but what came to my mind right away was how appropriate these three objectives would be for a content development strategy.

Then it occurred to me that in this context, there has to be a fourth “E,” one that is pretty critical in the social Web: engage.

I wrote about content strategy not too long ago. It’s a hot topic and a rising career field. So if you create content (and who doesn’t these days?), you might want to ask yourself if your content satisfies any of these four criteria. Think of them as a kind of quality control standard.

The content you create — from animated demos to blogs to tweets to videos on YouTube — all influence your clients’ and peers’ perception of you. As a professional, you understand the importance of the quality of your product, and you should consider your content as one of your products.

Think about the people you follow on Twitter or whose blogs you read. Chances are your favorites provide a lot of Es. I looked at the tweets of one of the people I enjoy following, and found that most of his tweets qualified:

Just for fun, take a look at what you put out there and do a quick analysis to assess the quality of your content based on the four Es. What do you see?

If you want to learn more about content strategy, don’t miss “Content Strategy Forum 2010,” two days devoted to the topic in Paris in April.

What guidelines do you use for the content you create?

10 Responses to “How Mel Gibson Can Help Your Content Strategy”

  1. Pamela, even if I was willing to overlook Mel Gibson’s anti-semitic tirade to police and his anti-semitic proclivities even before that (which I am not) and look only at the content of his films, I see a litany of gratuitously violent films. I don’t see a coherent content strategy there – at least not one of any use except as a warning of what not to do.

    Mel Gibson saying he tries to “entertain, educate and elevate” rings as hollow as Tiger Woods’ old interviews in which he gushes about his wife Elin and his family.

    That said, I did read your “Taking Content Strategy Personally” blog post and found it very useful. However, back to the point of Mel Gibson, if you blow up your personal branding, as he did most thoroughly, few people will bother paying attention to your content.

  2. footagehead

    Hi Pamela, wow, another English speaking Grand Journal fan !! I watch every night. Hopefully you saw Marty and Leo, the other night !!!!
    Anyhow, Thank you so much for your excellent blog. I’ve been subscribed by RSS for over a year.
    Great tips and insights, I’m a fan !!!

  3. footagehead

    Rob, although this is not a blog about religion, the question of Jewishness – race, religion, or both, continually debated, but still has not been agreed upon.
    But to use the word “choose” is not exactly what happens inside a Jewish mother’s womb.

    The three e’s are valid !!

  4. @ Mike – Racist? I think not. Jews are not a race, they are persons who choose to be a member of a religious group. Personally I think these are a simple way to remember core values required for building successful content and I’ll be printing these off in large format and sticking them on my wall forthwith!

  5. footagehead

    Pamela, good response.
    If “Dr” Gibson could only use those 3 words in conjuction
    with ” Doctor, heal thyself ” maybe he might redeem himself a bit. I saw him on a talk show in France where
    he also used the line, but when asked about “The Passion of Christ” he would not own up at all, and said he took it all from every bible in every hotel drawer in the world.
    Plus, and this is just a personal observation, I never realized that he really is a douche.

  6. naadu adams

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  7. I think that these are some great words to consider whenever you are striving to make something great. And who can argue with 4 east to remember words, that encapsulates an entire strategy. Who cares who said them, the words are brilliant. As a movie maker, Gibson certainly has credentials to talk!

  8. Hi Mike. If you know what kind of person he is, and have seen his movies, then you will see the irony in those E’s coming from him. (He didn’t see any irony in it, I could tell.) I saw the irony in it when I wrote this, and I made the choice to attribute the words to their source in this post, despite who he is, and partly because of the irony. But just because he was the one who happened to use them doesn’t negate their inherent value. I sincerely apologize if you found it offensive.