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Yes Virginia, There IS an iTablet

Speculation ran rampant before the iPad launch as to whether Apple (s aapl) would name the slate the iTablet or the iPad. We know the answer now, of course, but that doesn’t meant there isn’t an iTablet, too. A company in the UK, x2, has apparently decided to ignore the pleas from its lawyers and is producing a decent-looking Windows 7 (s msft) slate tablet called the iTablet.

The iTablet comes in two sizes, 10.2 and 12.1 inches, so they seem to have everyone covered. Inside the iTablet finds standard netbook fare, including a 1.6 GHz Atom (s intc) processor. Some will be happy to hear the iTablet has a web cam — yes, it does — and a full complement of USB ports.

The company hasn’t announced pricing yet, but it’s a safe bet they will be competitive with that other “i” tablet or what’s the point?

13 Responses to “Yes Virginia, There IS an iTablet”

  1. Allan Jones

    The story behind the iTablet, as I understand it, is that this company has been producing (or rather re-badging) slates for a few years for the health profession in the UK, which is a niche market in which tablets (or slates) have enjoyed a ceratin amount of success. It appears that the makers think that there’s a possibility of selling this to a wider market on the back of the publicity surrounding the iPad. However, I suspect that this device has a fairly modest performance. More here

  2. I couldn’t care less if a tablet PC isn’t your thing, but using standard laptop fare to make a “tablet” is stupid. It’s been done by PC makers for a decade; they’ve all rightfully failed. WIndows is a keyboard/mouse OS. Period. “Optimizing” it for touch or stylus makes for a tolerable demo, but not day to day use. Please.

    If you’re going to run a standard laptop, with a standard PC OS, and standard components, why destroy the experience by shoehorning it into a “tablet” case? This thing is a joke. Good thing they’re not showing it from the side. It’s huge.

    Someone may step forward and offer real competition to the iPad, but it’s going to need a touch OS, none of this “optimized” crap. Windows 7 need not apply. If Microsoft’s gonna play it’ll have to be with Windows Mobile 7, but we may not see that for a year.

  3. Gizmoda mention it is 35mm thick!
    I cannot believe that, or at least hope it is not the case… That will be 3x that of the Apple device.

    If true, then it is not suprising that they have “squeezed’ in a few more features.

  4. mr crash

    Kind of strange one mentions requests from lawyers, particularly given Apple’s own unusual situation with respect to the ipad, where it would appear that in the USA, Fujitsu and some other company may have claim to the ipad trademark and in the EU, STMicroelectronics wants a deal.

    I’ve always wondered, is the name so important (and evidently decided so last minute) that these things can’t be sorted out beforehand? This happened with cisco and the iphone too.

  5. Good, the iPad is the most over hyped under delivered piece of junk that Apple has ever developed. My 3 year old Dell Convertible PC running Win. 7 is more useful in every way. 500 dollars for 16 gigs, no usb, no flash, no camera, and AT&T. The onscreen keyboard sound terrible from most people who use it so what will you do with it?

  6. Not sure why their legal would oppose. It’s not like Apple invented putting i in from of everything. This was a fad in the 90sm right after putting e in front of everything, Apple is the last to hang on to such deprecated naming. Also, there is no sense comparing these devices, as the iPad is categorically not a tablet. Its just a large form factor iPod.

  7. Jeff Hensel

    Now we’re talking. I’m liking the 12.1 screen. A camera, who would have thought — all us us except Apple. Bluetooth for an external keyboard sounds terrific but I just want an appliance to surf the web, check a little e-mail and use One Note. That’s right — One Note.

    Open items to confirm. Touch, battery life, 3G with who(ah, who cares), Wifi and Price.

    I’m feeling pretty fine. My credit card is anxiously awaiting the debut. What about HP?