Coworking Update: bzhive Opening Party

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bzhive, a new coworking space in San Rafael, Ca. that I mentioned back in December, is to hold its opening party this Monday, February 8th at 6PM — you can RSVP for the free event here.

bzhive will serve Marin County and its neighbors, and has a conference room and parking available. Membership costs from $215 per month; if you’d just like to try out the service, access for drop-ins is free, as long as space is available.

If you’re involved with a new coworking venture, let us know about it in the comments.

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Dave Ruzius

We @ TheWorks enjoy reading WWD and publish your RSS on

Yes, Coworking in the far east (well… Czech republic that is) is happening finally!
It has taken a bit more time than US or Western Europe and to get people used to the concept TheWorks is starting of with building a Coworking community online and organizing casual coworking events (Jellies) in real life. It is successful already and the first 2 jellies were a visited by a nice international community from mixed professional backgrounds. Checkout the videos on

In time TheWorks would like to materialize to a Coworking Place with a great community backing it and then we’d like to start attracting different types of service providers to this community (incl. incubator type services) to help the community advance their business.

Lots to be done but great fun doing so.

Keep WWD going for us @ TheWorks !

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