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BBC: IPhone App Developer Is ‘Not Licensed’

A company that has built — and is already publicizing — a BBC iPlayer app for the iPhone may get stalled at the gates by the BBC, we have learned.

If it goes live, the app, from Manchester-based developers Camiloo, would be the first iPlayer app for iPhones on the market, according to the BBC. But the BBC may have none of it: “Camiloo is not a licensed distributor of BBC content online or on mobile. The BBC routinely looks for unauthorised usage of our brand across all platforms and when we encounter it we work to resolve the issue,” a spokesperson told paidContent:UK. She would not comment further on whether this means it would bar the app. would sell for £1.19 but would otherwise be free to use., which is in Apple’s approval stage as Camiloo waits for the BBC to give the go-ahead, points to wider questions on BBC content syndication. Mark Newby, Camiloo’s MD, tells us that it is using publicly accessed RSS feeds of iPlayer content, taken from the BBC’s mobile site, and therefore is not doing anything illicit in its app. But last year, IP Vision got banned from putting its own implementation of the iPlayer into its set-top boxes for its Fetch TV IPTV service.The BBC “provided reasonable arguments as to why implementing a self-build iPlayer for IP Vision could have jeopardised both value for money and the BBC