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SlingPlayer Coming to the iPhone

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The  SlingPlayer application will come to the iPhone, thanks to Sling Media working with AT&T (s T) to adjust the way its video application uses bandwidth on AT&T’s overburdened 3G network. This will be great for people who want to stream television content from their Slingbox at home to their iPhone while traveling, and marks a turning point in the mobile application world, whereby developers and carriers work closely to adapt their apps to the constraints of the mobile network.

AT&T back in April 2009 had barred programs that “allowed third-party video transfers” from its network under its terms of service. After an outcry, the operator changed the wording, basically limiting only Sling Media from its network. The justification for such a move was that the bandwidth required for video would overwhelm the 3G network and exacerbate congestion issues.

However, today the news comes that Sling Media has optimized the application in a way that AT&T finds acceptable, so the carrier has notified Apple (s aapl) that the existing Sling Media app, which runs over a Wi-Fi network, can now use 3G as well. It’s uncertain when users will get the 3G-capable app. Additionally, AT&T will provide developers with 3G network optimization requirements for video and other applications by the end of the first quarter through its developer web site.

7 Responses to “SlingPlayer Coming to the iPhone”

  1. Kringa –> have been using over 3G for months now. works just fine. as long as you are not driving around between cells. my kids watch in back seat of car and at times it will just stop streaming until it finds next tower. probably better for watching in a lobby or parked some were.

  2. AT&T will probably require Sling to fix their bandwidth adaptive streaming settings to low resolution to limit congestion, which means you will get a crappy picture always.


    have to jailbreak your Iphone to install this program so that you can trick an app to think it is on wifi when it is really on 3g. You pay for unlimited internet access yet your phone company is forcing you to not use some programs on their cell network. The same programs you can use if you did not buy an iphone. I used slingplayer on my windows mobile phone years ago over their cell network. now when i get the great iphone they block it.

  4. Of course that’s all BS and the FCC’s inquiries into APple/AT&T’s anticompetive practices trigger this. (They offer their own streaming video services…) Sling has always dynamically adjusted streams over the network, and I’ve been running a 3G Sling iPhone client for months with no problem. And years on other AT&T devices. Having said all that, I’m glad we’re landing here and hope AT&T publishes streaming thresholds/limitations for other developers instead of operating under a secretive anti-competitive shroud.