HDMI Gets a 3-D TV Update

HDMI Licensing, the company responsible for (you guessed it) licensing the HDMI standard, has announced that it’s working on an update to the current HDMI 1.4 specification to help with the standardization of 3-D TV. HDMI Licensing also released the parts of the current specification that deals with 3-D to the public so that content owners and broadcasters can adhere to them when producing and distributing 3-D content.

At the core of the upcoming 1.4 update will be the inclusion of a 3-D format specifically tailored to the needs of TV broadcasters, which have to deal with higher compression rates than those found in 3-D content for Blu-ray and other physical formats. The need for an update shows just how much the 3-D market place has shifted over the last couple of months. As Broadcasting & Cable notes, HDMI Licensing initially only included a movie and game 3-D video format when it took a first stab at 3-D with the 1.4 specs, which were released last summer.

HDMI Licensing is apparently also reevaluating its compliance criteria. It had previously declared that hardware makers have to support every 3-D standard included in its specs, but now is saying that only TV set makers have to pass this test. Makers of set-top boxes can elect to just support one standard, though, a move that aims to make it easier to support 3-D TV with existing set-top boxes and avoid confusion in the marketplace.