Call for iPhone & Mac Developers/Writers


TheAppleBlog is looking for a few iPhone and Mac developers who are also writers to help us out. So, if you are a solid iPhone and/or Mac developer and like to write how-to’s, tutorials, etc., I’d love to chat with you.

Please note, this is not a call for writers in general, it’s only for iPhone/Mac developers.

So, if you’re interested, just fill out this form with some examples of your developer-based how-to’s/tutorials and we’ll go from there.


Eddy Randrup

To Josh Pigford ( didnt know how else to write to you). An unrelated question: Did you know that when you use the search function in iPhone there is at least one area where it does not search? It happens to be a very important area, and it is hard to believe that nobody ever mentions anything about this shortcoming. It is the “Add field” area under Contacts. For example, if you make a notation under Add Field > ‘Note’, later it will not find it. And not only Note; the Search is blind to other items under Add Field besides Note. That is really poor of the search function, as when you add a person to your contacts you may wish to write a comment, such as “Lawyer”, or “Met at the gym”, or “Mike’s cousin”, etc. Later you may be interested in finding the name of the person but cant remember the name but you know that you met her at the gym; etc.

adam jackson

Hey Josh. Next time you guys are looking for a weekend writer or columnist let me know as I’d love to chat. I don’t really care if you don’t pay but I write a ton of articles for my personal blog and it would be cool to contribute things to TAB.

Send me an email and I’ll send a few samples for future consideration.

Hagen Kaye

Sounds like fun. Unfortunately, the last time I wrote tech articles it was for print magazine, so I have no links… :D

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