Blog Post Relaunches Real Estate Ad Portal

While’s tall paywall hasn’t attracted even three dozen subscribers, the Cablevision-owned newspaper is still hoping to attract real estate advertisers and prospective home buyers to its relaunched classified ad portal, Optimum Homes. The revamped classified channel will fulfill part of the plans that Cablevision (NYSE: CVC) intended when it bought Newsday for $632 million from The Tribune Company nearly two years ago. Needless to say, the real estate channel is part of’s public environment, not part of the subscriber access content, a rep told paidContent.

The Optimum Home suite will be extended to Cablevision’s iO TVĀ® Channel, in addition to appearing in the Newsday print edition.

While real estate is still pretty bleak, especially on Newsday’s home turf of Long Island, Cablevision is betting that its sheer dominance will lead to greater revenues in the ailing classified ad market.