5 Responses to “Updated: Comcast-NBCU Hearings: Zucker Confronted About Hulu’s Boxee Block”

  1. This wont hold anything up….. Besides, since when are companies entitled to use other people’s distribution platform without a contract? Boxee is in the wrong, and completly full of themselves…. This matter is actually hilarious… Content must be paid for somehow, someway….. Boxee’s mentaility reminds me of the original P2P platforms (Napster, Kazaa, BearShare) whereas they cried about their users being cut off yet didnt care about how the content was paid for… LOL, classic!

    Bob OKane
    Funn Networks
    “The Holy Grail For Content Distribution”

  2. In exploring our new web-based video on demand distribution service we successfully spoke with 3 and completely deals with 2 of the major film studios not vested in Hulu’s success. The other 3 (all vested in Hulu) we did not get so much as a phone call back, and it seemed pretty clear why for all 3 (Hulu) and spectacularly clear why for NBC Universal (Comcast).

  3. Big companies are dying deaths of a thousand cuts from little content people and they need to stop the bleeding. They need to close the door on the little guys while they still can. This is a new world we live in and we need to find ways of finding “Win/Win” situations. Unfortunately we all aren’t always looking to help other people.

    As much as I don’t like to see government regulations I think this is a good place for Congress to get involved.