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Younger Cell Phone Users Mean More Cell Phone Sales

The Pew Internet and American Life survey today released data showing that younger and younger teens are getting cell phones, with 56 percent of 12-year-olds toting the devices. If we assume that these kids will live until the age of 78 and take as fact a recent NPR story that said each cell phone has an average 16-month life expectancy, these teens will go through almost 50 cell phones in their lifetimes. That’s a lot of hardware and that’s a lot of months paying for cell plans. It boggles the mind.

3 Responses to “Younger Cell Phone Users Mean More Cell Phone Sales”

  1. Start all kids on prepaid like Straight Talk and make theim earn their airtime by keeping up their grades and doing chores. My kids are on Straight Talk unlimited airtime and text at $45.00pm but they are teenagers. A younger child could start at $30.00pm for 1000 minutes. Make the household budgeting part of their lives