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Toshiba Portégé M780 May/May Not Have Multitouch, but Definitely a Tablet PC

In case your calendar doesn’t show it, today is touch Tablet PC day. First up was Fujitsu with its new T900 and now it’s Toshiba’s turn and the Portégé M780. My very first Tablet PC was a Toshiba M205, so I sort of have a soft spot for this new tabby. Like my old workhorse, the M780 provides a 12.1″ swivel display, but the resolution is a manageable 1280 x 800 — my machine pounded out the pixels at 1440 x 1050, if memory serves.

But the biggest difference between old and new might be the touch support with Microsoft Windows 7 (s msft) on the M780. So you get both active inking as well as touch — although Notebook Italia doesn’t mention multitouch gestures, SlashGear seems to think support for multitouch is there. It’s hard to say when Toshiba hasn’t officially offered a press release with details just yet.

Our mobile friends in Italy do have some of the specification rundown on this semi-hefty 2-kilogram device. Inside will a choice between an Intel Core i3 or i5 (s intc) CPU, up to 8 GB of RAM, a 2.5″ hard drive paired with a 3D accelerometer for drop protection, integrated optical drive, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR, webcam, two USB ports and fingerprint sensor.

I ran my old M205 into the ground and it really never lost a beat. If Toshiba is making the M780 anything like they used to make a Tablet PC, I’d expect this to be a solid, all-around unit. And even without multitouch, just having a dual-digitizer solution is appealing on it’s own — pending the price, of course.

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11 Responses to “Toshiba Portégé M780 May/May Not Have Multitouch, but Definitely a Tablet PC”

  1. jjessingg

    JK – have you been able to check out the M780 yet? Literature is still hazy even though the product is out about whether this is a proper multitouch digitizer or not. Do you know if you can do zoom gestures and the like with this machine?

  2. Rodfather

    I’d like more options. Tablet PC convertibles have been stuck at 12″ and 4+ lbs for years. Please someone offer a thin 11″ at 3-4lbs and using a CULV processor.

  3. Great news! I love my Toshiba M200. It’s been indispensable since late 2004. During that time, the family has gone through several desktops and laptops. The M200 spent two years doing nursing school duty with my wife, and art class with a couple of kids.

    I use a desktop for gaming, but still come back to this for everyday work. Have been considering the Lenovo x61… but may now have to give this a solid look first!

  4. I think the M200/205 was the gateway drug for a lot of tablet mavens, circa 2003-2004. It was for me. The dedicated graphics card and hi-res attracted a lot of folks who’d been hanging back. Art creation on a tab became a reality. What a solid little machine. I also dug the follow-up 13″ M7. Less charmed by its build quality (bobble-head syndrome). That said, I still use the M7 occasionally…with its dedicated graphics it out-powers many of the current tabs.

    Went from that to a Motion…then Lenovo X61 (which JK had recommended during a Starbucks frap meet, if memory serves).

    If this new one had been out before year’s end (write-off time), I might’ve sprung. Went with the t4410 instead – which I’m loving.

    • Shogmaster

      I think the T4410 is a great choice. I’m very tempted by it myself, although I love my 2730p. I guess I’m tempted by the multi-touch capacitive.

      From all the TPCs I tried @ CES, I thought that the T4410 was the best overall package, with great LCD, good size/weight ratio, built in HDMI, and build quality.

    • Hey Shogmaster, did it have multi-touch and pen? This post got me rethinking about it, and I dug up your old comment on GBM that Toshiba was going to offer one or the other but not both. Lot of open space here.

      • Shogmaster

        IIRC, it was one of the machines at the Wacom booth. Toshiba booth was totally tablet free zone when I asked about them (grumble grumble). From the comment I got at the Wacom booth, it sounded like all the machines displayed had both EMR and multi-touch capacitive.

        All I really recall was that the LCD quality was sub par. Sorry I don’t have more definite info…

  5. I’m now running a HP Touchsmart TX2 but before that I had a Toshiba M205. Absolutely loved it!! I upgraded everything, CPU, RAM, HDD – I even replaced the screen when it cracked. Really do like my TX2 though, having touch is great (despite poor Win 7 drivers which leave areas of the screen untouchable – I really must fix that) plus I enjoy the convenience of having the built in DVD burner.

    • taylorlauder

      The Portégé M780, has broken cover, and if you’re in the market for a 12.1-inch convertible based on Intel’s latest Core i3 and Core i5 processors, then join the queue. The M780 weighs in at 2kg and has an onboard DVD burner, together with up to 8GB DDR3 memory.
      Now that’s what you call a convertible tablet. More details: