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Video Interview: Marc Cenedella, CEO, We’ll Hit $100M Revs This Year; IPO Coming?

Last week at DLD in Munich, I did a short video interview with Marc Cenedella, the CEO of higher end jobs site, on the company, the subscription market, trends in job market, and the inevitable IPO the company is heading towards, possibly later this year.

Some of the issues he touched upon:
— Rationale to be a subscription site
— Getting subscribers: Three different kinds of TV ads on now
— One of the largest advertisers on LinkedIn
— Company’s performance in 2009
— $100 million in revenues this year, and possible IPO? Only money raised: $7.5 million
— Sales, healthcare, aerospace and defense are hot job sectors this year
— Not a lot of M&A prospects in jobs in U.S.
— Future of HotJobs, where Cenedella worked before.

Video embedded after the jump: