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Revision3 Serves 1.5B Minutes of Video in 2009

The network that Diggnation built had a great 2009, according to a release from todayRevision3 delivered over 1.5 billion minutes of video to its viewers while growing revenue by 30 percent. (No wonder they felt confident enough to offer Conan O’Brien a series.)

The release cites a 50 percent increase in ad sale deals (with some advertisers reporting over 500 percent return on investment) as well as improved viewership numbers for Tekzilla and Scam School, both of which have reached the million monthly views mark along with DIGGnation (which will hit its fifth anniversary later this year).

Rev3 has bounced back from its 2008 layoffs and emerged as an industry leader proactively partnering with seemingly anyone, from Roku to Clearleap to Transpond, and those distribution deals have put its shows on TVs and airplanes. Ten new shows, including recent favorite INST MSGS, came out during 2009.

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