One Love: How Vision Leads to Success


Have you ever heard of Raising Cane’s? It’s a fast-food restaurant that only serves chicken fingers. It started here in Louisiana, my home state, and now has nearly ninety locations around the U.S.

I love this restaurant, first because it’s a homegrown success story and second because I have memories of it in college, when it was just getting off the ground.

Their slogan is “One Love,” because it only serves meals of chicken fingers. That’s it. The founder, Todd Graves, had one vision in mind when he was in college, to start a chicken finger restaurant that had a fun atmosphere with good food and great people, and he held onto that vision until he was able to open his first restaurant in 1996.

That vision holds true today. The restaurant is still a lot of fun. (I can’t help but laugh when I go to the drive-through and the person taking the order says something like, “Welcome to Raising Cane’s where the chicken’s kickin’,” in the most upbeat cheerleader-voice I’ve ever heard.) The people are always friendly. The food is always good, and the restaurant provides a unique atmosphere with fun people who take pride in the company, from the person taking the orders to Todd Graves himself. I’ve visited so many of the restaurants around the state, and they’re always the same, which only goes to show how important the original vision continues to be even today, nearly fifteen years later.

Vision is important for building lasting success. I read once in Henriette Anne Klauser’s book “Write It Down, Make It Happen” that you must “hold it in your mind.” If you have a vision, you have to hold onto it, keep it at the forefront of your mind until you can make it a reality. Hold true to that vision. Make sure that everything that represents you and your company represents it, as Cane’s does throughout all of  its restaurants, with every single employee, and down to every last chicken finger.

If you’re in a state with a Cane’s or will be visiting one soon, be sure to check it out.

In what ways do you make sure to hold true to your vision for your company?

Image from the Raising Cane’s website



Okay, didn’t realize I was bumping into another bookmarked article written by you :).

I think this one drives home the point a bit weakly and lacks depth and solid content.


I liked very much this article. I think that a vision is an essential part of having the deserved success.
I think that without a strong idea about what you want to achieve, you can’t go very much far.
One simple step a day, and you’ll reach the top, but you first need to know well where you’re headed and where’s your final destination.


I’ve actually changed my vision. I’ve been starting over on a new vision and it takes time to succeed. I know that if you keep your goal in mind for long enough, you’ll eventually get there.

I don’t believe that everyone can become anything they want if they just work hard enough, but if you pick a goal and vision within your abilities, then you can get there.

It’s just a matter of making decisions consistently and consistent with your vision.

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