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Lost Premieres Tonight On ABC, 2 AM On Hulu

Tonight comes the premiere of Lost‘s final season on ABC (s DIS), and while the mysteries of the island have remained pretty well-concealed, the actual episode hasn’t been as lucky. Last week, the first five minutes of the episode leaked online, and yesterday (thanks to an advance screening in Hawaii) the complete episode started popping up as well.

However, the Hollywood Reporter believes that real fans aren’t biting. Their reporting is based primarily on three Digg comments and a conversation with an ABC exec:

“We never had a show like Lost before that had these kind of fans that love it so much that they don’t want to know what happens before the premiere,” said Michael Benson, co-executive vice president of marketing at ABC. “Fans feel like they own this thing, just like we do.”

But even if you discard the fact that many Lost fans don’t engage with web content, there’s truth to it. At least, there is for me — I’m a Lost fan and when I saw that the teaser had been leaked last week, I purposefully decided to wait and watch the full episode, presented properly, rather than be spoiled.

It helps that for presentation, there are a couple of options: Aside from the broadcast, tonight’s episode, according to digital media communications VP Karen Hobson at ABC, will be available by 2 AM PST on both and Hulu. is also built out with new interactivity “to fuel fan appreciation,” including a Top 5 feature that allows fans to create and share lists of their favorite show elements and the ability for fans to upload their own commentaries on episodes. Hopefully, this might mean that there’s a chance of quarantining Lost fans for the safety of all.

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