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Eyeing Growth, ThePlatform Launches A New Video Management Platform

Comcast-owned white label video service ThePlatform is launching what it is describing as the biggest overhaul of its video management system since the company was started a decade ago. Apart from a total remake of the system’s user interface (and it is very different, i.e. a novice might actually be able to use it), most of the changes are under the hood, designed to improve “stability and reliability.”

But CEO Ian Blaine tells us that there are strategic elements involved here too. The new system makes it easier for companies with big online video libraries to ensure that their content can be viewed on different types of devices — obviously useful given the profusion of devices with different screen sizes and requirements. (Think the Flash-free iPad). But perhaps even more important to ThePlatform’s growth, Blaine says the new system should be attractive to smaller customers.

“This allows us to go more places than we have before,” he says. “When you look at the previous (system) you can see there was a big learning curve to it and this has got a much lower curve and and we think we can effectively go downmarket if we want to.”

That would be a change for ThePlatform, since its user base has largely revolved around big cable networks and cable operators. For instance, the company is working with its parent to manage the back-end of Fancast Xfinity, Comcast’s version of TV Everywhere, so that Comcast (NSDQ: CMCSA) cable subscribers can watch a select number of cable shows and movies online. And ThePlatform rolled out a service this fall so that the cable networks themselves can offer cable subscribers access to the content on their own websites.

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