Twitter & Foursquare Are Eyeing TV Partnerships

Robin Sloan, former media strategist at Al Gore’s struggling TV network Current, is starting to work for Twitter this week, according to a report from Venturebeat. Sloan is joining the micro-blogging service to handle partnerships with media organizations ranging from citizen journalism initiatives to TV networks that want to run Twitter feeds alongside live programming. This line of work isn’t exactly new to Sloan: He helped to set up a curated Twitter feed that was displayed during Current TV’s live coverage of the 2008 presidential debates.

Twitter isn’t the only service of its kind that is trying to forge more alliances with TV networks. Facebook has successfully pushed user status updates during live event coverage to make those events more social through its ongoing partnership with CNN. Foursquare now wants to take this idea even further by adding location to the mix.

The location-based service will announce a cooperation with Bravo TV today, according to a report from the New York Times Bits Blog. Bravo celebrities like Top Chef Micah Edelstein have already started to check in at their favorite locations, and Foursquare users will be able to get special Bravo badges when visiting those places as well.

Foursquare could get more out of this than just a bunch of new users that also happen to like the Real Housewives. Bravo TV’s advertisers will apparently take part in the game as well, offering coupons and other incentives to visit certain locations. Making TV ad buys more appealing by adding an action-based component that can be tracked in the real world actually sounds like a pretty interesting business model.