thePlatform Launches New Video Publishing System

thePlatform is rolling out a newly revamped version of its video publishing platform, which it says will make it easier for new and existing customers to manage and distribute their videos to a wide range of platforms and devices. By launching its new “mpx” white-label video management system into beta, thePlatform hopes to be able to more aggressively compete for large and medium-sized video publishers.

According to CEO Ian Blaine, the company has been building out the publishing system’s new capabilities for the past two years, focusing on the user interface and extensibility, making the resulting dashboard extremely customizable while also providing added support for new distribution points and products, such as Boxee, Apple’s iPhone or even the newly announced Apple iPad.

In launching a redesigned dashboard, thePlatform is responding to some criticisms of its previous product, which had been deemed by some to be too difficult to use for mid-market customers. “One of the biggest knocks against us has always been ease-of-use,” thePlatform vice president of marketing, Marty Roberts, said in an interview.

With the latest release, thePlatform hopes to make it easier for existing customers to customize the way they work with the system, while also broadening its potential customer base. Up until now, thePlatform had primarily targeted large media companies and video aggregators that needed a way to distribute video files to multiple destination sites and devices. But an improved user interface could allow the company to target mid-market video publishers as well. That could allow thePlatform to move further downstream and compete against companies like Brightcove, Ooyala and others that target the mid-market.

The company has completely rebuilt the backend as well, building the system on a service-oriented architecture. As a result, thePlatform is rolling out a new software development kit (SDK) with hundreds of APIs that its customers can use to plug into the system. In addition, the new SDK will include improved video lifecycle management and complete documentation for implementing all service interactions.

The new dashboard, released in beta, will be available to all customers free of charge beginning Wednesday, Feb. 3. But customers that are accustomed to the existing system have nothing to fear; while thePlatform solicits feedback on ways that it can improve the mpx beta system, it will continue to support its existing video management system, which will operate in parallel to mpx.

And here’s Ian Blaine talking about mpx Beta, TV Everywhere, and the proliferation of devices for consuming video: