Rumor: Jobs Bashes Google and Adobe, Hints at New Products


Secondhand reports of Steve Jobs at a town hall meeting for Apple employees have the iconic CEO telling it like is about Flash, Google’s “Don’t be Evil” philosophy, and maybe telling us what to expect in 2010.

First, the stuff for your inner rumormonger from MacRumors.

Steve Jobs believes the iPad is as important to Apple as the iPhone and the Mac, and that’s both unsurprising and scary. Let’s hope it doesn’t become a “hobby” like the Apple TV. As for the iPhone, the next model is an “A+ update” that Google/Android won’t be able to match.

Macs are going to “take Apple to the next level” in 2010, unless that level requires Blu-ray. Repeating the tired refrain about software and licensing being a “mess,” Apple is apparently waiting until Blu-ray sales “take off.” Those, like myself, pining for a Mac mini with Blu-ray take a moment to collect yourselves. Finally, about the whole Lala acquisition, Apple wanted to get them on the “iTunes team,” whatever that means.

Regarding Google and Adobe, there’s some dispute over exactly what was said, giving credence to the theory of eyewitness fallibility or the theory of inflammatory reporting. Take your pick.

According to Wired, Jobs had harsh words for Google, asserting that Apple “did not enter the search business,” but that Google “entered the phone business.” If true, that’s a fascinating comment, in that it could be argued their was, at least from Jobs’ point of view, a kind of informal agreement that Apple and Google would not compete in the same space.

More colorfully, Jobs supposedly called Google’s motto “bulls**t,” maybe. John Gruber of Daring Fireball reports a source told him that Wired was paraphrasing, that Jobs said, “Don’t be evil is a load of crap.” Scatological nuance noted.

As for Adobe, there’s less to dispute. Steve Jobs hates Flash. According to Wired, Jobs once again criticized Flash, asserting that it is buggy and it crashes Macs, and that “the world is moving to HTML5.” It’s all good, solid boilerplate execuspeak, but it still won’t get me Hulu on my iPad, or will it? As for the company itself, Jobs suggested that while Adobe has great potential, “they are lazy.”

So, cutting through the rumor chaff for the wheat, no Flash for iPad, no Blu-ray for Mac, and just four more months until WWDC and, presumably, the iPhone A+.


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