Nexus One Headed to Verizon, AT&T, Sprint?


The Google (s goog) Nexus One is easily the best Android phone on the market today — at least I have been impressed with the brief play time I’ve had. I know Kevin is still enjoying his Nexus One, based on conversations with him about it. While Google’s business model for the Nexus One is unique, in that they sell the phone themselves to be used on the T-Mobile network, it starts to make more sense if new information that is surfacing holds true.

FCC filings show a Nexus One model that is equipped with the radios needed to work on the AT&T (s t) network in the U.S. This would also work in Europe. The original Nexus One will only work on the T-Mobile 3G network, so this new model would enable Google to have handsets that work on both carrier’s networks.

Having a phone that can work on both the T-Mobile and AT&T networks would open up a bigger market for the Google phone, but that might not be enough for Google. Evidence is mounting that the Google phone may soon be appearing on the Sprint CDMA network.

A customer’s interaction with Sprint (s s) leads us to believe we may see a Nexus One on that network, too. A Sprint customer asked if the carrier would be carrying the Nexus One, and got this reply:

“Thank you for contacting Sprint regarding the nexus one. Unfortunately, this handset model is not on offer as of now.

Once it is launched, you will see promotional campaigns related to the launch date, cost and the features of the handset on our Web site and other promotional media.”

While this is by no means conclusive, it sure looks like the Nexus One may be coming to Sprint. I guess we’ll have to keep an eye on the FCC for evidence that a Sprint version is indeed forthcoming. A Verizon (s vz) model already shows as “coming soon” on the Nexus One product page, and this all fits together;  the Sprint and Verizon networks both use the same CDMA technology. That would have Google selling a phone that can work on all major U.S. carriers.



I received the same message when asking about the Blackberry Storm and iPhone (on separate occassions).

That is the standard company line and I don’t think is indicative of any forthcoming products.

Phil Priser

I called Sprint today and talked to a customer service rep about them getting the Nexus One and after checking with his supervisor, I was informed that Sprint will be getting the Nexus One but they are not sure when at this point.


That would have Google selling a phone that can work on all major U.S. carriers.

Well, not really. At least not in the sense that I can buy one device and then use it whatever carrier I want. It’s nice that there might be different versions with similar hardware in lookalike cases, but that doesn’t really give me the same flexibility.


Yeah, I’d rather have a Supersonic. Sense UI and WiMax. But I’ll need some sort of tethering…


seems unlikely that it would be coming to Sprint, considering that the HTC SuperSonic is on the way which absolutely wipes the floor with the N1 (HD2 successor + Android).

G1 < Droid < N1 < SuperSonic

sad thing is, Droid & N1 literally got trumped within a month of their releases. i have a feeling its going to be awhile before anyone beats the 4.3″ SuperSonic. the HD2 WAS the best smartphone hardware ever created, but the SS is more refined & packs Android.

plus Sprints network is better than T-Mo’s


The current release of N1 also works in most of Europe (also has band 1 2100MHz). Or am I wrong? The Band 1/4/5 model is what I need. I am predominantly in Europe but go back and forth between the pond and use AT&T on the newer side of the world. The bigger question is if it will be sold unlocked for $530 or will you have to deal with the illegally unlock, break contract pay fees bullshit? Because then I won’t want it. Otherwise I’d order one today.

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