Why Publishers Should Treat iPad With Optimism – And Caution

Adrian Drury

Adrian Drury is a principal analyst at consulting and research firm Ovum, covering media, broadcast and telecom…

Media need a miracle in 2010, and many of the assembled crowd at Yerba Buena Cultural Center last Wednesday were hoping Steve Jobs would deliver one. What they heard amounted to a strong story for publishers. But it comes with some major caveats

So far, The New York Times (NYSE: NYT), Penguin, Harper Collin, Simon + Schuster, Hachette and MacMillan are all officially drinking the iPad Kool-Aid. Conde Nast, Hearst and Time (NYSE: TWX) Inc are not far behind with iPad apps planned or already being built. There will have been countless meetings and water-cooler chats, at software and media agencies, in the last week to plan the


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