AP Signs New Licensing Deal With Yahoo

It looks like the Associated Press’ online licensing situation is clearing up a bit. The AP has signed a new licensing agreement with Yahoo — and may have also reached some sort of temporary detente with Google (NSDQ: GOOG).

During negotiations, the AP had been hoping for higher fees as well as additional restrictions on the use of its content by Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO). One possibility was that the portal would not have equal access to all AP stories, although that didn’t end up being worked into the agreement, according to an AP report, which cites an unnamed source; the news agency isn’t providing any specific details about the deal — only saying that it “looks forward to deepening its partnership with Yahoo as we and our members explore new opportunities and new ways to engage with audiences.”

The AP — which is hoping that higher revenue from its online clients will make up for the lower fees it is charging its broadcast and newspaper members — has been negotiating for several months now with both Yahoo and Google. The Yahoo negotiations had always been said to be going much better than those with Google. Indeed, Google stopped hosting new AP content on Google News in late December, apparently anticipating that its deal with the AP would not be renewed.

Even on that front, however, there may be some progress. While the deal was set to expire at the end of January, Google is still saying it has a “a licensing agreement with the Associated Press that permits us to host its content on Google properties such as Google News.” Search Engine Land‘s Danny Sullivan surmises from the statement that two parties may have signed a short-term extension. A company spokesman tells us that the “licensing agreement is the subject of ongoing discussion.”