Brand Affinity Technologies Buys Virtual Sports Memorabilia Service Beelya


Brand Affinity Technologies, a sports marketing firm founded by the two Steelberg brothers (who sold dMarc to Google), has done its first acquisition: it has bought La Jolla, CA-based Beelya, the creator of virtual sports collectibles. BAT was launched in 2007, and now says it has 3,300 athletes and celebs in its system; it helps these athletes in endorsement deals in digital, radio, outdoor, print, and TV advertising, appearances, and now, virtual memorabilia, through this acquisition of Beelya.

Beelya had previously done virtual deals with about 165 sports figures, including Torii Hunter, Ray Lewis and others. Release after the jump:

Brand Affinity Technologies Acquires Virtual Memorabilia Company Beelya

BAT Adds Virtual Memorabilia to Portfolio of Endorsement Opportunities

Irvine, Calif.

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