Android This Week: Nexus One Dock Arrives, ARCHOS Tablet Specs Revealed

Those who have deemed the Nexus One the best Android phone yet may like it even more now that the dock is available from Google. Not only does the phone charge while sitting in the dock, but cradling it there will automatically fire up the clock application, complete with local weather. You can even use it to run a slideshow of the pics you have stored on the phone.

But the really cool feature is the integrated Bluetooth, which allows the docked Nexus One to stream music wirelessly to the dock. Plug in some external speakers and the set-up becomes a full-fledged entertainment system. At $45, the Nexus One Dock isn’t cheap, but all those features make it worth a look.

Speaking of music, personal media player maker ARCHOS, which already has a 5-inch tablet based on the Android platform for sale, this week leaked details about its forthcoming 7-inch model . This new web tablet adds a web cam to the mix, and is expected to sell for just $245.

In the meantime, a netbook running Android has been sent to the FCC for review prior to launch. The new netbook is being produced by none other than HP, making this the company’s first foray into the Android space. The FCC filing is seeking approval for the netbook’s use on AT&T’s (s t) 3G network. So far, there’s no detailed information available as to when we might expect this to hit the market.