Nexus One Phones on T-Mobile Hit With Nationwide Data Outage?


UPDATED. Thanks to a tip from one of our readers (thanks Gerard!), it appears that there’s a huge data outage for Nexus Owners (s goog) on the T-Mobile network. I’ve verified the issue on my own Nexus One and just did a little digging. According to forums at both T-Mobile and XDA-Developers, it’s a wide scale issue and nobody seems to have an answer. One would hope that this has something to do with fixing the 3G issues on the handset, but I think that’s an overly optimistic view. The fix would likely be announced from Google or HTC, for starters and it wouldn’t hamstring the entire T-Mobile network for Nexus One owners.

When I try to access the web over 3G, I get redirected to a T-Mobile page with this statement: “To connect to the web with the device you are using, you will need a webConnect data plan.” It’s almost like everyone that has a Nexus One with T-Mobile SIM suddenly “lost” their data plan at the same time. Early reports say this happened around 4:30am ET. For now, I’m on Wi-Fi, but for Nexus One owners on the road, this is a disappointment. I’ll get an update out once I gain more info or the problem is resolved.

I have to wonder: are the only people with this issue the ones who bought the unsubsidized phone? When I bought a SIM for mine — which I bought unsubsidized — there was a hassle to get the plan I wanted. The rep ended up adding a different data plan and then told me he’d have to switch it to the Android data plan. Hmm….

Update: As of 1:00pm ET, I noticed that my data connection was restored. I’m also hearing similar reports on Twitter. For now, there’s no official word on the root cause or solution.



does anyone know a way to prevent a cell phone from identifying itself(as in its brand/model) to the network?


i am starting to have a serious issue with all these carriers ‘device specific’ data plans.if i am paying for a sim card with a 5 GB data plan i should be able to put that into any compatible device whatsoever. that device cold be a simple cell phone, a feature, a smartphone, a tablet, a 3G data dongle or a mifi type device.


sure glad i’m rocking the T-Zones Unlimited Web data plan ($5.99/mo) :)

btw, they can’t track what phone type you have if you choose “My Phone Is Not Listed” on your tmobile page/site. I bought my nexus one unlocked and it still has not shown up as being listed under “My Phone”.


This issue happens kinda often with TMobile’s 3G phones. Each phone mondel’s 3G connection has a different place on the 3G network (which is how TMobile knows what phone youre using when) and so if any changes are made to this one port, and something goes wrong (which couldnt happen, right? :P), all the phones of that model loose data and sometimes other services. Its happened a couple times to Blackberry users, Beholds I and II users, G1 users, and Sidekick users.

Good news is, its usally fixed by the end of the day! :)

Ryan Sinn

I bought the unsubsidized Google Nexus One and switched my plan to the T-Mobile Even More Plus plan (activated 1/27) and I have no 3G issues today.

I’m using the SIM that I got with a Nokia 3360 that spent a year in my G1 and now resides in my N1.

My T-Mobile account profile says I have a G1 on their network.

Sorry guys.


I am getting the same issues as everyone else it seems. I popped the SIM in to my N97 (EDGE only) and it worked fine. I hope they come up with a fix as I have to be out and about later today and do not want to have to swich out phones.


Apple Ipad must have scared the Nexus, just needs a good night rest and a warm charger.

James Kendrick

Just tested it on my G1 and the 3G network is working fine. Unfortunately. I hadn’t checked but it proved that T-Mobile didn’t actually cancel my contract a few weeks back as I asked. Sheesh.

Kevin C. Tofel

Definitely the plan because it’s only affecting N1 devices and possibly only unsubsidized ones from what I’m seeing. Too early to tell. Same SIM works find in the Nokia N900, as well.

Sean Brady

I am having the same issue. Phone works fine, wifi works fine but all data via 3g is not functioning. I get the same message about my plan in the browser. When I called T-Mobile they said that my plan was correct and up to date, perhaps it is a network problem.

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