HTC’s Newest Magic Trick — Sense UI Download

HTC Magic owners finding the stock Android (s goog) experience a bit too blah have a downloadable treat today. The HTC Europe site just released a ROM update for the Magic that brings a little bling, courtesy of the HTC Sense user interface. For those keeping track, this is version 3.05.401.3 and you’ll need a Windows (s msft) PC to run the RUU — short for ROM Update Utility, of course. The update completely flashes the handset, so make sure you’ve got all your important bits and bytes backed up or in the cloud. Engadget commenters also point out that those crazy cats at XDA-Developers have had an ROM with Sense for a bit now, so you could always go unofficial routes as well.

Bear in mind that there are two versions of the Magic — one branded “with Google” and one without. This ROM is for the non-Google-branded device, which is phone version PVT32A. If you’ve got that one, you can some add some sense to your phone. It’s smart of HTC to offer this type of customization, but I’d like to see the company work something out with Google. There’s not much “sense” to have some Android handsets locked down in terms of look and feel if it’s going to be allowed on others. I realize that Google wants some control over the experience, but having it both ways seems a little contradictory.