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How To Automatically Save Email Attachments in the Cloud

Now here’s a clever use for the cloud if I ever saw one. Lifehacker shines the spotlight on MailDrop — a free Windows (s msft) application that automatically saves email attachments to your Dropbox account in the sky. You configure MailDrop to monitor a specific mail folder or label, aptly named “Dropbox.” If MailDrop finds any mail there, it scans the messages for attachments and saves them to your local Dropbox folder.

At that point, the Dropbox service takes over — since it synchronizes your local folder with the one in the cloud, those email attachments are shot up to web for later use. And with the collaborative sharing that Dropbox natively offers, you could even share those attachments with your peeps.

With some rules or filters, you could essentially automate the whole process with MailDrop. Maybe you just love spreadsheets and want them in the cloud as opposed to pesky Power Points? Configure such an rule with that .PPT exclusion and you’re set. Since MailDrop runs locally on your Windows PC, there’s no need to provide your Dropbox credentials to a third party and it works with any IMAP mail service.

Although this MailDrop software is geared for DropBox, other cloud storage and sync services work in a similar fashion. I wonder if you could tweak the usage for them?

2 Responses to “How To Automatically Save Email Attachments in the Cloud”

  1. I would very much like to see gmail innovate in this area.
    I’d like to see a browsable online client which would automatically gather (subject to settings and filter, etc) attachments and link, etc from mail both incoming and outgoing.
    Then have those items able to be labeled and viewed from the perspective of date or sender etc… with quick links back to the original mail they came from and plenty of tools to use, share or edit them in a forward manner.
    I would very much like to see a download manager on any of the popular browsers which acts in a similar fashion.