Dell Mini 5 Spotted in the Street


Dell (s dell) has been giving hints about the upcoming handheld Android tablet, previously called the Streak, for some time. TechCrunch spotted CEO Michael Dell in the street and he pulled out what he now calls the Mini 5 and gave a very brief demo. I must say the Mini 5 is much thinner than I expected, and the 5 MP camera is a benefit. Dell stated the Mini 5 will be available in a “couple of months”, so it’s no longer a concept device but a product.

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it looks very decent and it looks like it will be a headset too. not a MID, but an actual smartphone…crosses fingers


It depends on your usage model. I have a desktop with a gaint high res 21″ monitor, I have a bunch of laptops (15.4″, 14″, and 12.1″), I have a smartphone (3.2″).

I spend almost all my “computer” time on the 12.1″ laptop/netbook. At times I miss the giant screen, but I can actually use it on the couch, it gets way better battery life and is so much lighter than the big laptops, and it actually goes places with me, like to the rink when my son has hockey practice. With wifi tethering I have always connected access with a decent screen & keyboard.

I also spend a lot of time on the Magic. All the ad hoc queries (411 for phone numbers, wikipedia for weird questions my son brings up, the weather, school bus status, etc), most of my email reading, news feeds, maps, and all my ebook reading (and I read 2-4 books a week on it). I spend way more time doing non phone stuff with it. However, I carry a phone with me all the hours I am awake. There are at least 2 computers connected and either actively on or suspended (under 20 second resume with Linux) in my house and I still use the phone for a fair bit of stuff at home.

Given my usage model, and the need to carry a phone, I want to carry the largest “phone” I comfortably can. I think the 5″ screen size is about the limit. Still will fit in a belt case, can be used as a candybar phone (I have big hands), will work well with a headset, and gives me significantly more screen real estate than the 3.2″ of my current phone.

Based on all that I think it is hitting the sweet spot for an always with you device.

If it is cheap enough I can see a 7-10″ media consumption tablet to have around the house but it would need to be a lot cheaper than $500 to fit between a large smartphone and a netbook.

Badass Mofo

This tablet is just way too small. I would much rather read my ebooks on the Apple iPad, which has just cornered the Smartbook market !

If you don’t agree I will take to the ground in a steal cage death match. boom.

Gavin Miller

I did love my Dell Axim X50 and then X51v back in the day. Terrific hardware, great screen and well built.

Now Dell returns, and it certainly looks interesting. Any ideas who makes it? HTC?


i find it much more useful device than the ipad . i would like to see more 5-7 inch adroid powered device in the market with decent hardware …

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