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White House State of the Union Stream Draws 1.3M

Updated: Across the TV networks, President Obama’s first State of the Union address last night drew an aggregate of 48 million viewers, according to Nielsen. It also pulled in 1.3 million views viewers on to an official live-streamed feed, according to a White House blog post today.

In addition, over 50,000 people joined a Facebook chat with administration officials following the speech, and “thousands of people” also watched via the White House iPhone App (they’re currently unable to confirm the number of streams).

Obama’s inauguration hit at least 70 million streams across multiple providers. While the SOTU aired during primetime, the inauguration took place during working hours — when most office dwellers only had access to web options. But don’t count the SOTU out yet, as we’re still gathering numbers from other sources.

Update: MSNBC clocked 2.3 million State of the Union-related live streams and 5.5 million State of the Union-related page views, as of 4 p.m. today, according to a company spokesperson. MobiTV wasn’t able to provide us with any absolute numbers, but noted that the amount of minutes viewed on the news channels transmitting the speech through MobiTV rose 1,544% compared to average programming numbers.