Secunia Online Software Inspector Scans for Missing Patches


Out-of-date, unpatched software can leave a computer open to attack from malware and hackers. Secunia, a leading provider of software vulnerability intelligence, provides a few free tools that you can use to scan Windows machines, such as the Online Software Inspector. It works via Java, so there’s no need to download anything.

The scanner checks that Microsoft patches are applied, then makes sure 70 of the applications commonly targeted by hackers (Flash, Acrobat, QuickTime, etc) are up-to-date. The scanning process is quick — on my laptop it took less than a minute, and revealed a number of out-of-date apps.

If you’re looking for a deeper scan of all of the apps on your hard drive, I’d recommend using the Personal Software Inspector instead (also free). But for a quick check-up of the software health of any Windows machine, the Online Software Inspector works well. And anything that prevents your PC from getting hacked is a step in the right direction.

Are all of your apps and patches up-to-date?

(via Techie Buzz)


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