MSI Readies $500 Tegra Tablet for Market


Image courtesy DigiTimes

Notebook maker MSI is ready to enter both the tablet and Android markets with a 10-inch touch tablet being readied for release late this year. The tablet will be based on the Nvidia Tegra processor and should hit the market for $500. The new tablet will run the Android OS and is reported to be “thin and light.” It would seem that the big iPad launch hasn’t killed the competition, at least not yet.



Great News. I use a MSi wind and impressed with it so much. (MSi is not that much popular in India)

I think by end of 2010, cheap ( 300 to 500 US $ )touch screen tablets will be available. When they have a choice of OS, why should one prefer Apple iPad?

/ Malick.


Content. Apple has much more available content, and it’s more tightly integrated with the device. That integration may frustrate tech geeks and free-software activists, but from what I can tell, the average end user doesn’t seem to care all that much.

Also, I think that Android will have a serious disadvantage as a tablet platform unless and until Google extracts its head from its posterior and makes its apps, including the Android Market, available to non-phone devices. One of the great strengths of the iPad is that virtually all of the iPhone app ecosystem is available to it out-of-the-box; that’s not the case with Android. If you can’t get the same awesome experience on your Android tablet that you can on your Android smartphone (or your friend’s Android smartphone), the iPad looks substantially more attractive.


Tablets are simply glorified eReaders. Perhaps people want to pay a lot for that, but in the end I doubt it. I want a computer for $500 not a big smartphone. Computer to me, means a keyboard. Keyboard = productivity. Productivity = A purpose.

Chris Smith


If computer to you means keyboard, then why can’t android meet your requirements? There is an on screen keyboard as well as some Bluetooth drivers being worked on as we speak.

I think that if the on screen input is intuitive and usable, I can live without a physical keyboard.

Nice looking tablet. But at $500 it is right in with Apple. That is a gamble I wouldn’t want to take.


since the iPad is nothing but a slightly tweaked iPhoneOS i see no reason a slightly tweaked Android device couldnt compete in this market as well.

i really thought Apple was going to revolutionize the tablet UI, which would have pretty much crushed any future competition. part of me is glad they failed so that now other players can compete (Palm Slate!!).

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