iPad Poll Results — Who’s Buying?


After the Apple iPad introduction, we asked if you were planning to purchase the latest mobile device from Cupertino. As of this morning, just over 2,000 readers responded to the poll. 42% of the respondents voted in the “Not a chance” category and 31% are still undecided. That leaves just 27% of those that took the poll plan to grab an iPad when it becomes available around the end of March.

I voted in in the undecided category for a few reasons, most of which we’ll be talking about in this morning’s podcast, so tune in later for more thoughts. What’s most interesting to me is that the device is generally what was expected and yet it seems that expectations weren’t met. At least, that’s the feeling I get from both the poll results and the numerous reader comments. Has Apple lost some of it’s magical ability to exceed expectations? And even though Apple essentially trashed the concept of netbooks, I still believe that they’ve introduced a smartbook in a slate form factor.


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