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Last year I wrote about WorkSnug, a neat augmented reality app for the iPhone that can help you find good places to work (coffee shops, coworking spaces, libraries, etc) nearby. If you don’t have an iPhone, you might like to try It’s an easy-to-use web site that also has a database of cafes; you can search on a location name, zip or postal code to get a listing of places nearby that might make good locations from which to work. Laptopfriendlycafes’ database lists whether each cafe has free or paid Wi-Fi, its address, whether power is available, the availability of 3G reception, as well as user ratings and comments.

Unfortunately, like WorkSnug,’s database outside of the major cities is fairly limited. Searching in London returns plenty of results, for example, while searching in my home city of Bristol (which does have plenty of laptop-friendly cafes) reveals none. As it’s free, however, if you’re looking for somewhere to work nearby a quick search using the web site won’t cost you anything — just don’t assume that because it’s returned no results that there are no good cafes nearby.

Laptopfriendlycafes also has a companion iPhone app ($0.99, iTunes link), which covers New York, London, Sydney and Melbourne, and can use GPS to get your current location to find nearby places to work.

How do you find places to work when you’re in a new city?


Wellington Grey

The problem is that I most need a site like this when I’m outside the major cities. I’m currently in rural Hawaii, and it took me forever to find a cafe with wireless and a power outlet.


Yes, strange that there’s nothing outside London in their UK list. It’s as if London is the UK’s only city! :( Come on guys!


Well designed site, but needs time to accumulate information. Plus it was down when I tried it – database error. I’ve been looking for a site like this for awhile, other than Yelp. There’s a page for a cafe in New York that has a link and a picture of a similarly named cafe in Alberta though. New York/Alberta, eh, same thing, right? Actually the one in Alberta looks better, ha ha?

Simon Mackie

It’s been around for quite a while, so I’m actually kind of surprised that there isn’t a more complete database. I guess the problem with opening something like this up to the public (like a wiki) is spam, but both Laptopfriendlycafes and WorkSnug are not as useful as they could be due to incomplete databases.

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