Chris Matthews on Obama’s State of the Union: Whoops?


One of the biggest talking points coming out of Obama’s State of the Union address tonight has nothing to do with the President’s agenda for the year — instead, the chatter currently threatening to overwhelm any serious discussion of national issues is MSNBC’s Chris Matthews commenting in the aftermath that “I forgot [Obama] was black tonight for an hour.”

Unfortunately, while Matthews went on soon afterwards to clarify the intention behind that statement on Rachel Maddow’s show (and quick thinking there, MSNBC — it’s like you know how to read Twitter or something)…

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…The fact remains that the original statement is one of those classic blunders that people just love to clip and recirculate, mostly on YouTube, and his clarification (which is a bit opaque) is unlikely to do much to change matters. Within only one or two hours after Matthews made his comment, at least 10 videos emerged documenting the moment (including the one embedded above from user thinkprocess), with over two hundred cumulative comments being left. By Thursday morning, the incident likely to have exploded well beyond these numbers.

But as viral as it gets, it’s still a zero-sum game. While MSNBC’s web site might see a bump, the overall monetization possibilities are few — especially since it’s hard to imagine them promoting a video of one of their network stars making an inflammatory comment. And as important a conversation as this might be to have, I doubt that we’re going to find a complex discussion of race relations as they relate to our nation’s 44th president in that font of intelligent discourse: YouTube comments.



F@#? Ed Schultz, Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, and Rachel Maddow: These Socialist-supporting, Communist-committed, Nontransparent-Cheating, False-Hope Preaching, Progressive-idiots want the U.S. Constitution Abolished, and/or at least heading in that direction. When Socialist-Dictators from 3rd-World countries praise your economic achievements, you better “MEASURE TWICE, and CUT ONCE” your understanding of your countries future.


This is not CANADA! This is not a “HATE” speech from a ‘Right-Wing Nut,’ or even a ‘Right-Winger,’ this is an opinion from an AMERICAN who doesn’t need to think but UNDERSTAND that there is hate everywhere, against anyone, at anytime, about anything, from everywhere (there are BUSH haters on the left & OBAMA haters on the right).

MSNBC, CNN, and the Obama Administration worry more about the well-being and opinions of Domestic/Islomic Terrorist then they do about the well-being and majority, that represent the AMERICAN PEOPLE.

If you can’t read or understand the Constitution, then get out of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, quickly!

So we just passed a Health Care Law in order to know what is in it; written by a committee whose chairman says he didn’t understand it; passed by a congress that didn’t read it and exempts themselves from it; Signed by a hypocritical-president who is a smoker; from funding administered by a treasury chief who didn’t pay his taxes; all to be overseen by a sergeon general who by military standards is obese; all to be financed by a country that is broke.




It seems to me that these talking heads/performers at the news theater outlets like MSNBC, Fox, etc., etc. are bound to occasionally put their feet in their mouths. They’re paid to spew out fiery rhetoric/commentary on a daily basis, no matter what’s going on in the world, and as a consequence they tread a fine line between the kind of over-dramatic news theater that the public eats up and filthy nonsense that makes them look like idiots.

Ok, that’s my serious political/social comment for the day. (Glad I got THAT out of the way first thing in the morning!) I’d better get back to brightening things up with some Epic Fu, a Comicbook Orange or Titsburg. :)


Bite Me TV


I was shocked when I heard that statement live…not cool chris…I’m done watching him

Scott Jensen

What a moron! And it shows that those who charge others with racism are really the racists. They see things in terms of racism and think (wrongly) that everyone else (especially those they hate) do as well (if not worse).

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