Quick Hits: iPad Edition 01.28.2010

Diagnal and flat view of the iPad

We waded through the iPad copy flood so you don’t have to. You can catch up on our coverage — and sample some of the best and most interesting follow up to Wednesday’s announcement from around the web in the links below.

»  Walt Mossberg says the iPad could possibly create a new category of gadget while David Pogue says it’s too early to tell. (For once, Frick and Frack had to wait along with everyone else for a first look.)

»  On Bits, Nick Bilton explains why the iPad will kill Amazon’s Kindle, and Brad Stone argues it won’t.

»  Ten things the device is missing. [Wired]

»  Conde, Hearst and Time Inc. (NYSE: TWX) weigh in. [Digits]

»  Adobe (NSDQ: ADBE) isn’t happy about the lack of Flash (and neither are a lot of users). [Gizmodo]

»  Why editors and publishers should stay away from app development. [SimsBlog]

»  McGraw-Hill (NYSE: MHP) says it wasn’t snubbed from the launch event. [Digital Daily]

»  Fujitsu calls dibs on the “iPad” name. [NYT]

»  Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) exec Otto Berkes’ “unique” opinion. [Otto Berkes]

»  What the gadget could mean for Asian suppliers. [WSJ]

»  The real reason why it will be a success. [Ultimi Barbarorum]

»  iPad simulator gives glimmer of hope of a camera in the future. [iPhone Alley]

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