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Video: Fake Steve Jobs on the Apple iPad

Om caught up with Fake Steve Jobs (Steve Dan Lyons) and got his opinion on the launch of the Apple iPad today.

A tad bit of not so safe for work language is used…you’ve been warned.

27 Responses to “Video: Fake Steve Jobs on the Apple iPad”

  1. Clearly the presentation lacked the killer app that only the iPad can really offer, or maybe the killer app was that you can sit back in your chair, or in bed, or on the back seat of a car, or the train, and soak up media without the heat and bulk of a laptop or the crappy screen of an iPod.

    I have mixed feelings about the absence of a camera since I cannot see me video conferencing anyway and I barely have use for a cellphone. I am either in my office, at home, or driving/walking the 2 miles between. If I am out skiing, walking, cycling and so on I definitely do not want people bugging me. However, I might whip out my iPad by the lake and read. Actually, I probably would not because I prefer audiobooks.

  2. Leo's hairpiece

    Personally, price was the deal breaker.

    I find this to be a lot like the Macbook Air – a very “in-between” device. It doesn’t replace anything substantial, does a tad bit more than the phone, but significantly less than a laptop, but would be useful for certain days under certain conditions.

    …but at the price points given I’ll stick with my iPhone 3G being on me 100% of the time and my Macbook Pro being conveniently packable 75% of the time and not worry about spending that kind of money to offset the remaining 25%.

    It’s not that $500-$800 is too much to spend on a device from Apple – I’m about to buy another Macbook and perhaps a Time Capsule (if it looks like Apple has quit sending them to an early grave). However, it has to be something that either really gives me great freedom or replaces another device significantly. As it stands, this is roughly as portable as a laptop (won’t slide in my pocket like my iPhone), is probably a little more fragile than the laptop (so a good case/bag with handle or sling would be reasonable to anticipate and I refuse to go with a man-purse). I fly but not enough to justify this just for that… particularly with recent FAA restrictions expanding on in-flight usage for devices and books.

    So, for the cost it just doesn’t offer enough, do enough, replace enough, or improve enough of anything for me. Had it been significantly less, sure, I’d consider it for that less-than-25% useful factor.

    Personally, though, it just comes off as replicating too many (or too few) features of devices I already have that perform those tasks well.

    Given Apple’s tendencies to ignore major features in device releases (can anyone say “copy and paste” or “decent camera?”) then my guess is the iPad will only really get interesting when the prices drop, the specs go up, and the version hits 3.0.

    Not sure what we can do about that name, though? iPad? Really?

  3. I’m disappointed. Some user pre-visuals looked better than the original iPad! The bezel is much too large! It looks like a big iPod for kids… One inch on every side… Will the next iPhone have those ugly borders?? Where is the “coolness-factor”? – I miss that. It’s not as futuristic as so many people expected. The homescreen looks like something got wrong. The didn’t even put more apps in a row to make it a little bit more special. No, sorry – They didn’t put much love in that! Maybe my expectations where too high.

  4. Just think of the possibilities with the iPad. The developers are going to go nuts with applications. For example, a doctor walks in to see a patient the iPad hook’s up via Bluetooth and shows all the info about the patient, you can see their hart rate and save it, write whatever he needs to wright about the patient, see their medical history, etc.
    I’m mean I can go for ever telling you all the scenarios of things to do with the iPad.

    It’s Awesome!!

  5. I would agree that the “wow” factor wasn’t quite there. Basically, an oversized iPod Touch. However, I began to think about how I might use an iPad in my life and with my family. With a wife and 3 kids, we’re a 1 mac only family. I switched from a PC about 6 months ago; got a MacBook Pro and free iPod Touch during their educational promotion back in the late summer. While the transition from a PC to a Mac is perhaps another post altogether, we have found the mac to be a great productivity niche filler that we didn’t have before. I’m sure this could have all been done on a PC but on the mac it was out of the box and seemed natural. Widgets, iPhoto, and iMovie are staples in our world but for whatever reasons, the like on a PC seemed clunky.

    OK, so what does that have to do with the iPad. I got to thinking that there are numerous instances where an iPad could replace some tasks that we do in our household. Often we just want to do some simple browsing. Granted, the MBP isn’t so big we can’t take it to the couch or bedroom but having something a bit more portable would be nice. I’m reluctant to give my kids their own laptops at their early ages and there are times when we have conflict and two of us need the computer. More often than not, only one needs to do some simple browsing where an iPad that kind of floats about the house could fill that niche. Many times the iPod Touch has filled such voids but when it comes to simple browsing, we’ve not been to fond of the iPod experience. A larger screen is needed.

    Whether I’d pay $500 for such a device is different story but I can see how it could be used in our household. Who knows, it could become the digital replacement of our chaotic calendar on the fridge – something even the MBP hasn’t replaced.

  6. Leo's hairpiece

    Yes, he does look a lot like Dan Lyons. He even pretends to be Fake Steve Jobs like Dan Lyons does so he must be the Fake Steve Lyons pretending to be the Fake Steve Jobs while the real Dan Lyons continues to be the original Fake Steve Jobs.

    I don’t know if there’s anyone out there pretending to be the Fake Steve Lyons, though?

  7. Gene Ellisberg

    Apple has added a product category when people wanted to see categories consolidated instead. I don’t need *another* gadget; I want *one* gadget. I want bluetooth telephony, VoIP, simple cloud computing solutions on a quality ‘netbook’, a GPS and an iPod on a single device. Apple knows this, but why should they cannibalize all these other products until they have burned in their new processor and solidified the business model? They wouldn’t. Maybe in a year or two, all the holes will be filled, but at a more laptop-level price point.

  8. I actually agree that it was a letdown. And the best way to look at it (at this point at least) is as a Kindle that does other stuff. A laptop is also great for attending meetings/giving presentations/checking documents while traveling. In fact, what can this do that my laptop can’t do better? Run iPhone apps? I have an iPhone. Read a magazine? When did I last do that offline? Maybe I’m missing the point, but I’m not excited.

  9. Big surprise, Fake Steve Jobs acts like a jerk that totally misses the point, why am I not surprised.

    iWork = Great for attending meetings/giving presentations/checking documents while travelling. Not word-processing as your main device.

    And why do so many people seem to miss what is gonna be revolutionary about this device. He even mentioned the apps, and totally forgot the app store and the fact that third party developers will make apps for it. Did he forget that Apple’s biggest asset is the community?

  10. … But then that same business user would definitely like to have a front facing camera to do a video chat back to the kids at home… Pretty surprising they didn’t include a camera!

  11. The point of the iWork apps so that you can attend a meeting, NOT bring your laptop, and still give your presentation. Or, you can do a few hours of real work (spreadsheet or word processor) in the hotel room where you are stuck until your flight the next morning. Can’t do this with the iPhone.

  12. Marcel J.

    When iWork was on stage I nearly fell asleep. Other journalists bacame calm, too – it felt like a Microsoft conference (similar to the CES one) at that point.
    Taking Steve’s introduction into account where the iPad has to be best (better than the iPhone/MacBook) in what it does, I really didn’t see the necessity for the iWork apps.